S1 E32 How Fractional CMOs Can Help You with a Solid Marketing Strategy – with Avi Kumar




Today's guest is Avi Kumar. He is the founder and CEO of KUWARE, Inc, a marketing and advertising agency based in Austin, TX. KUWARE’s primary focus is on marketing strategy delivered through a fractional CMO model and eCommerce-As-A-Service. Recently Avi acquired the white-label PPC agency InvisiblePPC. As a behind-the-scenes white-label partner, InvisiblePPC, helps smaller agencies fulfill the marketing needs of local businesses. 

Avi has spoken at the prestigious Traffic & Conversions Summit alongside such speakers as Martha Stewart, Marie Forleo, Chip Wilson, and Snoop Dogg! His diverse educational and business background gives him a truly unique insight into the finer nuances of both the business and technological aspects of online business. 


[00:27] Who is Avi Kumar? 
[04:20] In other cases there are ones who work with an external agency but they don't have the knowledge to select a partner and they want somebody in between and then a fractional CMO would also help right?
[05:32] For which kind of companies in which cases would it be a good idea to outsource marketing?
[08:13] What are the types of tech stack or systems that you're using or that an agency should use?
[10:46] What are you doing to keep up with the latest trends and the latest insight and so on?
[13:19] How do you see Tiktok evolve? And why do you think that Tiktok is a good channel for businesses?
[17:27] Who are the people following you? Why are they engaging with your content? 
[19:50] Do you have any tips about how to measure and how to improve conversion rates?


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/avikumar/

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