S1 E09 Why You Should Work with Different Influencer Platforms – with My Nguyen




My guest for this episode is My Hoang Nguyen, Head of Influencer Marketing at ELSA, Corp (Top 5 A.I English learning speech assistant app). The conversation with My Nguyen was very informative. She talked a lot about influencer marketing and also gave a lot of tips.


[00:13] Who are you and what are you doing in life?

[03:08] When did you join Elsa?

[04:30] Is there a kind of challenge that you had to overcome for your company in the in the past years?

[10:23] Which social media channels are you active on?

[14:58] The definition of a nano influencer.

[17:50] Do you also combine it with for instance, ads on social media or other stuff?

[19:00] How do you connect with those people?

[20:43] Is there anything that you could share about a certain campaign that worked well, or about a tool that you're using?

[25:22] How can people connect with you?


·        The more I do influencer marketing now the more I see different platforms have different purposes.

·        TikTok is a platform to raise awareness, it's not a platform to generate sales.

·        If a company wants to start with influencer marketing, they should test on different categories of influencers.


Mentioned Website

·        https://elsaspeak.com/en/


·        LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/mynguyen212/?original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

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