How Web3 and AI Transform the Future of Marketing and Copywriting – with Jordache Johnson

Discover the future of marketing and copywriting as we delve into the fascinating world of Web3 and AI in this engaging podcast episode.

Join Jordache Johnson and me as we discuss how these cutting-edge technologies are transforming the marketing landscape and offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses. Learn about the challenges and potential rewards in this brave new world while exploring how marketing fundamentals and traditional skills still play a crucial role. Tune in for thought-provoking insights and essential tips on adapting to the rapidly evolving world of marketing and staying ahead of the curve. Don't miss this essential conversation on the intersection of Web3, AI, and marketing!

Embracing Web3 and AI in Marketing: A New Era of Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

The rapid advancements in technology have left many entrepreneurs and marketers feeling overwhelmed and unsure of their place in the new digital landscape. Web3 and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are two of the most talked-about trends in the tech world today. But what do they mean for the future of marketing and entrepreneurship? In this podcast episode, Joeri and Jordache Johnson discussed the potential impact of these emerging technologies and shared their insights on how marketers can prepare for the exciting new opportunities they bring.

The Advent of AI in Marketing

As AI becomes more advanced and accessible, marketers have started incorporating it into various aspects of their work, from data analysis and customer insights to content creation and ad targeting. Jordache explains that AI can be a valuable tool for marketers, helping to automate mundane tasks and provide valuable insights that might have gone unnoticed. However, he emphasizes that it should not be seen as a replacement for human creativity, judgment, and experience. Instead, AI should be viewed as a tool that can enhance and streamline the marketing process, giving entrepreneurs and marketers more time to focus on high-value tasks and strategic decision-making.

The Impact of Web3 on Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Web3, the decentralized internet powered by blockchain technology, is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape. With a focus on transparency, privacy, and control, Web3 promises to bring significant changes to the way we interact with the online world. For marketers and entrepreneurs, this means new platforms, tools, and opportunities for reaching and engaging with audiences in innovative ways.

Despite the significant changes that Web3 might bring, Jordache and Joeri highlight that the fundamental principles of marketing and entrepreneurship will remain the same. Marketers still need to understand their target audience, create valuable products and services, and build strong relationships with customers. The core skills and knowledge that have been essential for success in marketing will continue to be relevant, even as the digital landscape evolves.

Adapting to the New Era of Marketing

As we transition to a world increasingly influenced by AI and Web3, marketers and entrepreneurs must adapt and grow their skill sets to stay competitive. Jordache recommends embracing new technologies and resources as opportunities to learn and develop new skills. However, he cautions against focusing too much on the technology itself; instead, marketers should continue to prioritize the foundations of their craft, such as relationship-building, persuasive copywriting, and customer insights.

The Future of Marketing: Skill Sets and Opportunities

Jordache and Joeri emphasize that the skills marketers and entrepreneurs have developed over the years will still be needed in the Web3 era. Their expertise in building businesses, growing audiences, and understanding customer needs will continue to be invaluable as new platforms and tools emerge.

For those feeling overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change, Jordache offers some reassurance: by building on their existing skill sets and embracing new technologies, marketers and entrepreneurs can continue to thrive in the evolving digital world. There are plenty of opportunities to apply these skills in the Web3 space and help guide businesses through the transition.


The rapid growth of AI and Web3 might seem daunting for marketers and entrepreneurs, but these technological advancements offer exciting opportunities for growth and innovation. By continuing to focus on the foundational principles of marketing and entrepreneurship, while embracing new technologies and resources, professionals can adapt and succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape. As Joeri and Jordache's conversation highlights, the future of marketing holds promise for those who are willing to adapt and stay true to their core skills and knowledge.

Jordache Johnson and Joeri Billast in Anaheim Hills

Jordache Johnson and Joeri Billast in Anaheim Hills

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[00:35] Who is Jordache Johnson? 

[01:25] How was your experience at NFT NYC? 

[04:34] How do you balance building stronger connections with familiar faces and meeting new people at events with numerous activities to participate in? 

[10:44] What are the new and exciting trends you mentioned, and do they have any relation to marketing? 

[18:57] What role do you think AI can play in the marketing space of Web3, and how do you see it impacting the industry? 

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"AI is not going to replace marketers, it's going to replace the marketers that don't use AI." - Jordache Johnson 

"We're still using things that Dale Carnegie used in 1934. We're still writing copy the same Jean Schwartz used to write copy...all this stuff doesn't change no matter...Goodness. Exactly. Right." - Jordache Johnson 

"The skills that we have as entrepreneurs, as marketers right now, like they're going to translate so well in the Web3 space because they're still needed." - Jordache Johnson 

"Don't get too discouraged if you are. I always tell people if like, oh my gosh, it's changing, I'm going to be obsolete. No, like keep building these foundational skill sets and you're going to be very valuable in this new space that we're moving into." - Jordache Johnson 

"You just need, you know, to adapt and to know how to use these new resources, how to use AI. But still, you know, there are skills that cannot be replaced like that, right?" - Joeri Billast 


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