How to Leverage AI Tools for Web3 Success – with Brian Fanzo

Today we delve into the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in shaping the future of Web3.

Join Joeri and his special guest Brian Fanzo as they explore how AI tools are transforming content creation, the essential skills needed to work effectively with AI, and the importance of testing and adapting as we navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. They also discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by Web3 and how AI can empower us to harness its full potential. Don't miss this engaging conversation packed with valuable tips, resources, and expert insights!

The world of AI is transforming our lives at an incredible pace, opening up new possibilities in various domains, including art, Web3, and NFTs. As AI becomes more advanced and pervasive, it's essential to understand its potential and how to harness it effectively. In this insightful podcast, we hear from Brian Fanzo, a digital futurist, speaker, and creator of the NFT 365 podcast, as he shares his experiences with AI and its impact on his work.

Adaptability and Curiosity: Key Factors for Success with AI

Brian emphasizes the importance of being adaptable and curious when working with AI. He shares a personal anecdote about a presentation he gave at a conference, where he had to remove a tool from his presentation because it had changed so rapidly in just a week. The ever-changing nature of AI means that being able to roll with the punches and adapt to new developments is crucial for staying ahead of the curve.

AI and Art: Experimentation and Iteration

One of the areas where AI has made significant strides is in the world of art. Brian talks about experimenting with AI-generated art and how iteration plays a key role in achieving desired results. AI tools like Midjourney and allow users to input various prompts and refine their art based on the output. This process of trial and error can lead to more effective and creative art pieces.

How to Leverage AI Tools for Web3 Success – with Brian Fanzo

Harnessing AI for NFTs and Web3

The podcast also delves into the exciting realm of NFTs and Web3, where AI can play a pivotal role. Brian shares his experiences in the NFT space, noting that AI-generated art and content can have substantial value in the form of unique, collectible digital assets. By leveraging AI for NFT creation, artists and content creators can tap into an entirely new market for their work.

The Importance of A/B Testing and Providing Context to AI

To get the most out of AI tools, Brian suggests employing A/B testing and providing ample context for better results. He shares his experience with importing his blog posts from the past ten years into ChatGPT to create a brand guide for himself. By providing more information and context to the AI tool, the generated output becomes more accurate and useful.

Joeri Billast and Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo and Joeri Billast at CEX 2023

AI is Only as Good as We Set It Up to Be

A key takeaway from the podcast is the idea that AI is only as effective as the way we set it up. The more context and information we provide, the better the results will be. Additionally, Brian urges users to maintain a proactive attitude towards AI by continually testing, iterating, and refining their AI tools.

Collaborating with AI for a Brighter Future

Brian's podcast serves as a reminder that, rather than fearing AI, we should be working with it to unlock new possibilities in various fields. By embracing AI as a collaborator, we can ensure its development benefits us all and leads to a brighter future.


In conclusion, this podcast episode featuring Brian Fanzo offers valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of AI and its applications in art, Web3, and NFTs. As AI continues to transform our lives and industries, it's crucial to remain adaptable, curious, and willing to collaborate with these powerful tools. By working with AI instead of attempting to replace skills with it, we can unlock incredible opportunities and build a more exciting and innovative future.

Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo

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[00:30] Who is Brian Fanzo? 

[01:14] What were your impressions of NFT NYC? 

[04:10] What are the trends that you are seeing with Web3 Na AI and how are those two coming together? 

[07:26] Do you consider yourself an artist and why do people see you as an artist? 

[16:31] What are the success factors that you have seen and consider important? 

[24:05] What skill(s) would you recommend marketers focus on learning in the Web3 or AI space, particularly in relation to creating NFTs? 

[30:01] What would be the best places that you would like to send my listeners to? 


"The ability to be curious and test. Because the thing about AI is that, for people at the state it's right now, it's only as good as we set it up to be." - Brian Fanzo 

"Don't just try one thing with AI; the art of AI. When I hear someone say, 'Hey, this is a great idea for a prompt,' my first thing is yes and." - Brian Fanzo"AI is only as smart as we're willing to work with it. And as long as we're continuing to work with it and improve, we shouldn't be scared about AI." - Brian Fanzo 

"As long as we're working with [AI], not trying to replace with it. To me, the opportunities in front of us are beyond exciting." - Brian Fanzo 

"AI-generated art and content can have substantial value in the form of unique, collectible digital assets. By leveraging AI for NFT creation, artists and content creators can tap into an entirely new market for their work." - Podcast Discussion 


NFT 365 - Brian Fanzo's podcast where he discusses NFTs and the broader Web3 ecosystem. 



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