How to Use the Metaverse as a Marketing Platform: My Chapter in “The Content Entrepreneur” – by Joe Pulizzi and Friends




After contributing to 'The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever' by Mark Schaefer and Friends, I am thrilled to announce my involvement as a co-author in 'The Content Entrepreneur' by Joe Pulizzi and Friends. My chapter in Mark’s book explored Web3 marketing, while in Joe’s book, I delve into marketing strategies for the Metaverse. Read my chapter below and order the full book here.

How to Use the Metaverse as a Marketing Platform: My Chapter in "The Content Entrepreneur" – by Joe Pulizzi and Friends

The Content Entrepreneur – New Book by Joe Pulizzi and Friends

How to Use the Metaverse as a Marketing Platform – By Joeri Billast

Step into the Metaverse, an extraordinary frontier where the physical, digital, and virtual worlds intersect and blend. This flourishing universe fuels unbridled creativity, facilitates shared experiences, and presents a virtually endless horizon of growth possibilities for content entrepreneurs. The Metaverse isn't a mere futuristic concept, it's our current reality, radically transforming the way we generate, interact with, and market content.

A Bold New Universe for Content Entrepreneurs

Imagine yourself as a content entrepreneur navigating the ever- expanding Metaverse, steering your brand and creations through this innovative digital landscape. Imagine the thrill of conducting a highly engaging podcast within a three-dimensional virtual environment, complete with live audience interactions and real-time feedback. Or consider the novelty of curating an art exhibition where visitors can experience and interact with art pieces from all angles, much like in real life but in a virtual gallery that’s accessible from anywhere in the world. What if you could unveil a new book with a captivating virtual launch by allowing attendees to explore the first chapter in an immersive and interactive setting.

All of this is already possible. As a Web3 content entrepreneur, I’ve explored various Metaverses myself, and what I found was a wealth of opportunities. Let me introduce you to three interesting platforms and how they could be useful for content entrepreneurs.


Room3D is an integral component of the 'Internet of Life' Metaverse, shaping an interactive playground that's perfect for content entrepreneurs. Prioritizing genuine interactions and encouraging shared creativity, Room3D offers easy access to a wide range of beautifully designed virtual locations. These spaces aren't just about looks; they're created by award-winning interior architects and designers.

But Room3D offers more than aesthetics; it brings a fresh dimension to digital interactions. It changes your audience from a grid of static faces on a screen into active participants within a shared virtual space, echoing the dynamics of real-life social encounters.

The genius of Room3D lies in its simplicity and broad accessibility. It removes the need for complicated VR gear or avatars and can be accessed easily by anyone with a web browser, even on Apple's iOS Safari. Picture yourself hosting a podcast where attendees can "move" closer to the stage or chat with other audience members, re-creating the vibrant atmosphere of a live event. Imagine leading a virtual roundtable, where participants can "sit" around a table, clearly distinguishing speakers from listeners.

Room3D enhances the idea of collaboration. Features like a virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, file and media sharing, interactive objects, and games open up new possibilities for engaging interactions.

With Room3D, you’re not just joining a digital interaction; you’re creating ameaningful, engaging, and collaborative experience that’s similar to a real-life gathering in a customized environment. is a pioneering platform that's transforming content creation with its augmented reality (AR) collaborative workspace. With the power to turn any room into an interactive workspace, it allows for the creation of lifelike avatars from 2D photos, placing them within a shared virtual environment. In this vibrant realm, "content" evolves beyond mere words on a page or images on a screen. It becomes an immersive, interactive experience that breaks traditional boundaries.

When we see avatars that resemble real people in, our brains naturally begin to behave as if we are in a physical space together.

This sense of "presence" in the virtual space bridges the gap between digital and physical interaction, bringing a sense of realism and intimacy to online meetings. The enhanced communication, idea exchange, and collaboration are significant for content entrepreneurs.

For example, in my Penthouse on, visitors are greeted by a diverse array of content forms: YouTube videos, podcast episodes, NFTs, pictures, Instagram Reels, and much more. Each of these pieces of content is curated and presented in an engaging, interactive 3D environment. It's not just a showcase of my work; it's a dynamic portal. This accessibility creates an immersive, enriched environment for creativity and collaboration. Thus, is a game changer for content entrepreneurs eager to tap into the next-level potential of virtual environments.


Etern is a nascent Metaverse, of which I'm proud to call myself an original pioneer. Etern represents a one-of-a-kind Web3 ecosystem that empowers content entrepreneurs to establish a standout digital identity by tying your avatar to an NFT. But why does this matter? An NFT avatar is more than just a picture it's a unique, verifiable digital identity that you own on the blockchain. It's not just a 3D model; it's a 4D digital asset that is yours alone. When we talk about 4D here, we're referring to the added dimension of interaction and socialization, making your avatar feel more alive and dynamic. This avatar is your representation in the virtual world and could even become valuable as a collectible item. This makes your time in the Metaverse not only immersive but potentially profitable, adding a whole new dimension to your online experiences.

The use of these unique NFT avatars promotes a personalized user experience like never before. Your avatar isn't just a random digital representation; it's an extension of your persona in the Metaverse. It's something you own, something that carries your unique digital stamp.

This digital stamp is an amalgamation of several elements your avatar, your ownership of other assets in the Metaverse, and even your blockchain transactions. Essentially, it's your unique digital footprint in the Metaverse, a footprint that cannot be replicated by anyone else. This individuality can foster a deeper sense of immersion and connection with your avatar, leading to higher user engagement.

For instance, imagine attending an art exhibition in the Metaverse. Instead of simply viewing digital artworks as a faceless observer, you would do so as your unique avatar. This avatar could reflect your style, your values, and even your reputation in the community, making your interactions in the Metaverse feel more genuine and personal. In the Etern Metaverse, every visit, every interaction, and every transaction is not just an experience but an extension of your digital identity.

Redefining Marketing with the Metaverse

The Metaverse is opening up exciting new possibilities for marketers. For content entrepreneurs, it's no longer just about traditional social media posts and websites. Instead the Metaverse offers a world of opportunity for engaging audiences in ways that were previously impossible.

My journey with Etern illustrates this new frontier. Etern transformed my 2D profile picture NFT into a 4D interactive figure within the Metaverse. This isn't just a representation of me it's a unique way to connect with audiences and add a dynamic dimension to my brand.

What's more, the Metaverse is shaping a fresh landscape for advertising and sponsorships. Here creators can experiment with unique marketing strategies, which leads to exciting collaborations and groundbreaking ways to interact with audiences.

Offering Boundless Opportunities

The Metaverse opens up a whole new world to create and sell virtual goods or services. Imagine a popular lifestyle brand selling virtual accessories for avatars, allowing fans to show their loyalty to the brand within the Metaverse. Or think about a small business selling digital artwork or virtual consulting services. Unlike the physical world, the Metaverse has no physical limitations, opening up a space that is only limited by your imagination. This lets you reach and connect with a global audience in a unique and exciting way.

Bringing Events to Life

The Metaverse allows for extraordinary live events and performances. Imagine a small band playing a live concert for fans worldwide in an interactive, virtual space. Or an art tutorial where audiences can interact in real time with the artist, making the experience more engaging and personal than a standard video tutorial.

Fostering Collaboration

Collaborating in the Metaverse opens doors that were previously unimaginable. For instance, two indie game developers could join forces to host a virtual event showcasing their games, directly interacting with their fan base in a shared virtual space. The Metaverse can amplify your reach, foster mutual growth, and create a thriving community of creators and audiences.

Building Community

In the Metaverse, building a community is a whole new ball game. It offers shared spaces where the people in your audience can interact with each other and your content in a more immersive way. Think of a book club meeting in a virtual space designed to represent the book's setting, making the discussion more vivid and engaging.

Revitalizing Education and Training

The Metaverse brings about a fresh perspective to education and training. Consider a small baking business, for instance. Instead of just offering video tutorials, the business could host a virtual baking workshop in the Metaverse. Here participants can use their avatars to interact directly with virtual cooking tools and ingredients, practicing the recipes in a virtual kitchen. Not only does this kind of hands-on, immersive experience make learning more engaging, but it also allows for instant feedback and correction, offering a learning experience that surpasses traditional online methods.

Shaping the Future of Content Entrepreneurship

The Metaverse marks a big change in the digital world. As you start your journey in this dynamic space, the rules for creating content, marketing, and running a business are changing.

It's important to keep your content meaningful, cooperative, realistic, and insightful. Make sure it can be reached and shared across platforms to grow your reach and visibility. The basic rules of engaging your audience and delivering valuable content will always be key to your success.

But like any new technology, the Metaverse also has its unique challenges, like learning new technology, helping your audience adapt to this new way of interacting, and managing content in a huge digital space. Rather than seeing these as obstacles, think of them as opportunities to innovate and grow. Every challenge you overcome leads to valuable learning, pushes your creativity, and helps you stand out in the competitive digital space.

The Metaverse offers a wide range of opportunities, and successfully navigating it can place you at the cutting edge of the content business revolution. So welcome the Metaverse, and use its huge potential to shape this fascinating new frontier. The future is here, and it's exciting.

Step bravely into this large realm, and become a leader in the Metaverse era. Your journey into the Metaverse isn't just about getting by it's about thriving and leading the way in this thrilling new world.

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