How to Get the Most Out of Your Content and Build a Community with Web3 – with Brian Piper

Today's guest is Brian W. Piper. He has been optimizing digital content since 1996. Brian can help you discover the data-inspired insights to make your business succeed. He's an author, speaker, Web3 enthusiast and educator. He understands the complexities of digital content, data, and communication.

Brian talks about his brand new book Epic Content Marketing, second edition that he wrote together with Joe Pulizzi. The book has just been released.

The Power of Community Building and Tokenomics in Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for a long time, but the way we create and distribute content is changing rapidly. With the rise of AI-generated content, it's more important than ever to build trust with your audience. In this episode of CMO Stories, Brian Piper, an author, speaker, and web3 enthusiast, shares his thoughts on how community building and tokenomics can help content creators establish trust with their audience.

Brian's journey in content marketing began when he read the first edition of Epic Content Marketing in 2013. At the time, he was a website developer who wasn't passionate about his job. But after reading the book, he realized that marketing through storytelling and providing great content could be a game-changer. He began optimizing content and finding ways to make it perform better, and eventually, he doubled organic traffic every year. Today, he teaches seminars and training sessions on content marketing at the University of Rochester.

According to Brian, community building is the future of content marketing. Building a community of loyal followers who trust your brand can help you stand out in a crowded content landscape. As he puts it, "community is really the future of successful brands." People trust people they know, and a community provides a personal connection that can overcome the trust boundary.

One of the best ways to establish trust with your audience is through tokenomics. Tokens can be used to gate access to your community, rewarding members for engaging with your content. For example, Brian's social token, the Piper coin, is used to gate his community. To access his content optimization coaching, members must hold a certain number of coins. The value of the coin is tied to the dollar, but the focus is on its utility and the value it provides to the community.

Other brands, like Nike, are also exploring the power of community building and tokenomics. They allow people who own their NFTs to help them design shoes in their community, creating a personal connection that traditional marketing can't achieve.

But the future of content marketing doesn't stop there. The web is evolving into something much more immersive, interactive, and decentralized, known as Web3. In another podcast episode, experts Joeri and Brian discuss the challenges and opportunities of this emerging ecosystem. Joeri emphasizes the importance of educating people about the benefits and possibilities of crypto and token economies. Brian stresses the importance of using data to measure the impact of communities, tokens, and content marketing.

The metaverse, a fully immersive virtual world, is also a topic of discussion. Brian predicts that the metaverse will become more mainstream as technology advances, and people start to see the benefits and experiences it offers. Businesses that embrace the metaverse as a new frontier for engagement and commerce can create new value propositions and unlock the full potential of Web3.

In conclusion, community building and tokenomics are essential for building trust with your audience in the age of AI-generated content. But the future of content marketing goes beyond that, into the realm of Web3 and the metaverse. By embracing these new technologies and staying up to date on the latest trends and best practices, businesses can succeed in this complex and rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Brian Piper

Brian Piper

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[00:44] Who is Brian Piper? 

[01:39] How did the first edition of "Epic Content Marketing" impact your career and lead you to pursue a career in content marketing? 

[09:01] How can community and content marketing be used in the best way?  

[11:31] What are your thoughts on tokens that can be used as an entrance so that not everyone can join your community? 

[16:00] Who did you get people to buy your $PIPER coin and where to buy it? 

[22:37] What is your definition of Metaverse? 

[27:03] Where can people get a copy of your book Epic Content Marketing the new release? 

[27:59] Where can they find you if they want to connect with you? 


"I think community is really the future of successful brands." - Brian 

"People trust people they know... A community provides a personal connection that can overcome the trust boundary." - Joeri 

"The future of content marketing is all about building trust with your audience... By building a community and using tokenomics, creators and brands can establish trust and provide value to their audience." – Joeri  

"The value of Web3 goes beyond the value of coins or tokens; it's about the utility and value that people can derive from them." - Joeri  

"When you do anything and you're not paying attention to your data, you are driving around in your car with no idea where you're going and you're not paying attention to where you are." - Brian  

"The metaverse will become more mainstream as technology advances, and people start to see the benefits and experiences it offers." - Brian 


Epic Content Marketing, 2nd edition:

Content Marketing World - A conference for content marketers that takes place annually. 

The Piper coin - Brian Piper's social token used to gate his community and reward members for engaging with his content optimization coaching. 

Nike NFTs - Nike allows people who own their NFTs to participate in their community and help design shoes. 

Starbucks Odyssey program - Starbucks' loyalty and rewards program. 


Brian Piper's website: 





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