How to Connect the Physical and Digital Art Worlds with NFTs – with Jeff Clatterbaugh

Jeff Clatterbaugh is in the process of building a community by integrating the physical art world with the digital art world, through an NFT project. He started from a Detroit-based graffiti art studio called Berkley Road Studio. And now he’s entering the digital space by helping to connect people in the art world, by utilizing their business and art experiences.

Jeff stated that he has been in the finance space for about 25 years and came about the whole NFT space at the beginning of this year. What motivated him to enter the digital space was realizing how much influence technology and digitalization are going to have on everything. He became an investor, got connected to some really good projects, and started following some people that helped him understand what it means to build a community in the digital space.

Talking about how he became involved in art, he mentioned that his business partner is an artist and a painter. His partner had a lot of passion for art and wanted to go back to it by quitting his profession in the financial space. Jeff motivated him and when he had his first art show, that is when Jeff and he started thinking of pursuing all this art thing in the digital space, in the form of an NFT project.

Today, Jeff and his partner have a few NFTs on their credit all on different virtues. Their first virtue was tenacity which has 10 unique art pieces and each piece has a story. This project is on Ethereum and they also have another on Solana. Jeff stated that their main mission is to assist artists who have talent but no business knowledge to build a business in the digital space.

According to Jeff, he had no experience connecting with people in the digital world at the beginning of his networking journey. Then he went to Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vee Friends conference, which was a great opportunity for him to connect with people. After that, Twitter became his priority to speak, talk, and share ideas with the related community. Other than Twitter, Jeff is also active on Discord. His company is also marketing on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and a little bit on Reddit as well to connect with more and more people to be a part of the community. Jeff also stated that he approaches people and connects with them using the terminology of Metaverse, NFTs, and digital art. To make people feel connected to their business, Jeff mentioned that they use video content and art demonstrations on their social media.

To Jeff, the key to building a successful team is not only to have the right people but also to have the right people in the right seats. His company has interviewed people from all across the globe to bring the perfect people for the role on board. Jeff mentioned that the most important thing right now for them is how to bring in a successful project, get a good name in the industry, and create a positive reputation that's more important to his company than money made on a project. They have long-term goals instead of gaining quick money.

Jeff believes in the crawl, walk, and run theory to achieve bigger goals for his company. His company has been following a proper thought process to build its business. They have made the conscious decision to put out their first project and will continue to do so in the future as well to build a community around their goals and ambitions.

There are people of every kind in the Web3 space as Jeff believes. He thinks there is a combination of people who buys an NFT because they like it or because they believe it’s a long-term investment and both of these people are important to balance the business model. With AI and rapid advancement, people see purchasing an NFT as an investment that they can sell and earn from in the future. Jeff thinks gamification will be in the interest of most people who buy NFTs for investment because games connect all the utilities together.

Talking about AI, Jeff mentioned his biggest inspiration in the AI world whom he believes has kept him in the business is Fanzo. Jeff likes Fanzo’s approach to AI and he mentioned he has been playing around with AI a lot more recently and maybe in the future his company will also launch a project that is based on AI.

Jeff Clatterbaugh on the CMO Stories podcast

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[00:37] Who is Jeff Clatterbaugh? 

[01:21] How did you suddenly dive from the financial world into the art world? 

[03:50] Do you have NFTs that are already created or you're still in the project of creating them? 

[06:25] What are things next to Twitter spaces that you are doing to build this community before you started your NFT project? 

[08:38] Do you think LinkedIn is a place where you can build your community? 

[10:54] How do you approach people about your projects? 

[12:28] Is there a place where people from your community meet each other? 

[15:12] What do you do to build your team? 

[17:33] What is your goal and ambition for your project? 

[19:43] Do you think people buy your digital art pieces because they like them or because they are long-term investors? 

[24:29] What are your thoughts on that on the AI aspect? 

[25:58] What is the best place to send people who want to connect with you? 


“There's importance though in dialing into a particular area because it's almost impossible to be everywhere.” 

“Communication always is where they're at.” 

“I think a successful business model is going to take a mix of different people.” 





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