From Top Student to Triumphant Web3 Entrepreneur: The Journey of Talha Asif and Nalikes Studio

What if you could transform your life and build a successful business in the world of Web3? Join me as Joeri sits down with Talha Asif, the remarkable founder of Nalikes Studio, a Web3 development agency that has helped countless founders and businesses design, launch, and scale apps, dApps, and NFT projects. In this episode, Talha shares his incredible journey from being a top student to a triumphant entrepreneur, and how his mother's advice led him to seek online skills that ultimately changed his life.

Together, Talha and Joeri explore the growth and accomplishments of Nalikes Studio, delving into the strategies that have allowed him to provide immense value to customers. They discuss the nuances of operating a business in Web2 versus Web3, and how Talha goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. His story is a testament to the power of determination, focus, and a willingness to learn in opening up new doors and opportunities.

Moreover, they unpack the vital role of community building in creating a successful Web3 project. Talha shares invaluable insights on how founders can leverage community power to their advantage and how Nalikes Studio guides clients in cultivating strong communities. Discover the psychology behind why people are drawn to projects that offer them value, and how grasping this concept can benefit founders in the Web3 space. Don't miss this engaging conversation with Talha Steve, a true Web3 entrepreneur!

Fast Growth and the Role of Teamwork in Tech Ventures: An Interview with Talha Asif

Success in technology entrepreneurship is often misunderstood as a journey of brilliant ideas and personal accomplishments. But as revealed in an in-depth conversation between Talha Asif, a fast-growing tech entrepreneur, and Joeri Billast on their recent podcast, it's a different story altogether.

While it may appear that successful tech entrepreneurs have everything figured out, Talha clarifies that the reality is a daily struggle. Each day presents new challenges and obstacles. However, he mentions a vital approach for navigating these tumultuous waters, and it's not just about speed – it's about teamwork.

Talha emphasizes that running a venture at a fast pace can lead to many aspects breaking down. It's here that the importance of building a robust team becomes crucial. The adage "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together," holds true in this context. Asif reveals that solo entrepreneurs may burn out or hit a ceiling in their growth, which can be avoided by building an institution or company instead of focusing on individual fame.

When forming a team, it's essential to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Amplifying strengths while filling the gaps in weaknesses with team members skilled in those areas creates a balanced and effective workforce. In Talha words, a team is the vital component that will allow any venture to go far and fast.

Transitioning the conversation towards technological tools, Talha highlights the abundance of resources available to everyone in today's digital era. From finding work to achieving success, all the tools and resources one might need are just a few clicks away. Patience, consistent hard work, and an obsession with delivering value to the customer will ultimately lead to success.

On a related note, Talha mentions the importance of maintaining a particular mindset when encountering problems. Seeing problems as opportunities and creatively resolving them plays a significant role in success.

The conversation turns towards the realm of Web 3.0, as Joeri questions Talha about the latest trends and exciting developments. Asif admits the fast-paced nature of Web 3.0 can sometimes be overwhelming. He points out that many projects have overly focused on the technology, like blockchain and NFTs, while overlooking the fundamental question – "What problem are you solving?" According to Talha, technology should be an enabler, not the primary focus. He looks forward to the projects built in silence, those actually solving problems, and focusing on onboarding users to Web 3.0.

Touching on the value of community in Web 3.0, Talha points out a significant shift in dynamics. In this new era, the community has a stake in a project, effectively driving its direction. Successful projects often involve founders with a clear vision and a mission that truly matters. Such initiatives naturally attract communities sharing similar interests.

As the conversation concludes, Asif offers some advice to listeners contemplating a Web 3.0 journey or any venture. His key message is to take swift action. Overthinking often leads to stagnation, and while you're busy deliberating, someone else may have already implemented your idea. Secondly, he advises adopting a startup mentality, focusing on the product-market fit, i.e., is there someone willing to pay for your product or solution? Finally, Talha highlights the importance of resilience, as any entrepreneurial journey will inevitably face numerous challenges and failures. It's essential to believe in oneself and to keep moving forward.

Talha's conversation with Joeri serves as a great reminder that behind every successful tech venture, there's a lot of hustle, a strong team, and an unwavering focus on solving problems. It's not just about going fast, but also.AI to=AI.answers<|im_sep|>Title: Embracing the Fast-Paced, Collaborative World of Web3: Insights from Talha Asif

Embracing Speed and Complexity

Asif shattered the illusion of smooth-sailing success that's often portrayed by outsiders. "Every day is a crisis, every day there are problems, and every day is a battle," he confessed. This reality check serves as a reminder that the path to growth is never linear or without obstacles.

However, his enthusiasm for speed and growth has resulted in an important revelation: the significance of building a strong, dependable team. He emphasized that entrepreneurship is not a solo endeavor; instead, it thrives on collaboration. Asif echoed the ancient African proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."

Indeed, as an entrepreneur scales their venture, the need for a capable team becomes increasingly crucial to mitigate potential burnout and ensure the venture's longevity. Asif advocates for the importance of recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, utilizing the skills of others to fill the gaps. He stressed, "Without a team, I don't think you can go far or you can go fast."

The Digital Era: A Land of Opportunity

Asif radiated positivity about the digital age, highlighting the unparalleled potential it presents. He reminded listeners that, in today's world, we have the resources and tools needed for success right at our fingertips. Despite this, patience and hard work remain vital. He emphasized the importance of obsessing over customer needs, delivering value, and maintaining the right mindset to navigate the entrepreneurial journey.

Web3: The Evolution of the Internet

Venturing into the world of Web3, Talha criticized the excessive emphasis on technology, such as NFTs and blockchain, without proper focus on the problems they're intended to solve. Technology, according to him, is merely an enabler, and the real value lies in its application to address issues. As such, Talha expressed his excitement for projects that leverage these technologies to create impactful solutions, even though they may not always garner the most attention.

An interesting aspect of Web3, as Talha pointed out, is the unpredictable nature of the field. He recounted a story of a project receiving significant traction simply through an Ethereum address and a call to action, illustrating the surprising ways in which success can unfold in the space.

The Power of Community in Web3

Web3 introduces a paradigm shift in community interaction, enabling communities to have a stake in projects, which wasn't the case in the Web2 era. Talha underscored the importance of community in Web3, suggesting that successful projects typically have founders with a strong vision that matters to people, thus naturally attracting a community around them. However, he clarified that community building isn't his company's main focus, preferring to concentrate on development and technical support.

Practical Advice for Web3 Aspirants

Talha left listeners with some concrete advice: Take action swiftly. He argued that time spent deliberating over an idea could be better spent executing it. Asif also advocated for a startup mentality – finding a product-market fit before scaling, focusing on solving a problem and determining where the revenue will come from. Lastly, Talha reminded listeners to remain resilient in the face of challenges, emphasizing that life's path isn't always straightforward, and there will be obstacles to overcome.

Talha Asif

Talha Asif

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[01:08] What led you to found Nalike's Studio and share a bit about your journey? 

[07:01] What was the key factor or the right moment that led to your decision to sell out and start Nalike's Studio? 

[07:52] How do people find you and your studio? Do you engage in extensive marketing or have various online platforms like Twitter Spaces? 

[11:06] What are the significant differences between Web2 and Web3 approaches, particularly in the context of your projects or for your customers? 

[12:34] What tips, tools, or technologies have been instrumental in helping you scale your projects and address the challenges along the way? 

[15:50] What are some of the trends or things that are happened today in this space that you are excited about? 

[18:08] What is the value of community in Web3 and how do you perceive it? 

[19:06] Is community building a natural aspect of every project for you, or is it a strategic decision based on the founder's/client's existing community or audience? 

[22:04] Do you have any key advice or lessons learned that you would like to share with listeners considering launching a battery project or thinking of onboarding on Web3 journey? 

[24:20] How can people get in touch with you if they want to hear more about you, connect, or discuss their project ideas? 



"All I have to do is learn skills and then provide value to someone. So that was my first taste of entrepreneurship is that the world is different now." - Talha Asif. 

"So we spent the next three to four months learning everything there has to be about blockchain development and we sort of learned the skills." - Talha Asif. 

"Because at the end of the day, if you take care of that, everything else will fall into place. So that's the only one main thing that are helping grow my business." - Talha Asif. 

"You cannot be a one-man show because if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." - Talha Asif 

"All the tools are out there on this small device that we call a laptop." - Talha Asif 

"Take action fast. Have a startup mentality. Be resilient. If you believe in yourself, keep taking action." - Talha Asif 



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