From Special Forces to Web3 Pioneer: Yaron Been’s Thrilling Journey and the Power of Community Engagement in Web3 Marketing Strategy

Prepare yourself for a captivating journey as I sit down with Yaron Been, a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur turned growth consultant in the uncharted territory of Web3. We embark on an exploration of Yaron's fascinating trajectory that started in the Israeli special forces, journeyed through the roller-coaster world of e-commerce, and has now plunged into the innovative realm of Web3.

In this episode, Yaron shares his experience of launching an NFT lending protocol, the challenges he encountered, and the crucial lessons he learned. Today, he harnesses these learnings to bolster the growth of Web3 companies. We touch on the power of automation, highlighting innovative tools such as Etherscan, and examine the evolving role of platforms like Twitter in today's digital landscape.

Our conversation takes a substantial turn as we dissect the relevance of marketing fundamentals in Web3 businesses. How can these companies leverage strategies from the Web2 era to connect with their audience and scale their operations? The secret weapon might be community engagement, but the foundation still rests on solid traditional marketing principles.

We explore the necessity of staying up-to-date with the latest developments, daring to implement changes, and the power of platforms like Reddit and other social networks in today's Web3 world. More importantly, we delve into how entrepreneurs can retain focus and avoid being swallowed whole by these platforms.

This episode is brimming with insights from Yaron's unique journey and our in-depth conversation on web marketing strategies. Tune in for a truly enlightening episode.

Bridging Web2 and Web3: A Look at Marketing, E-commerce and the Future

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, how does one bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies? Our latest podcast episode featuring a seasoned e-commerce and Web3 expert offers fascinating insights into this question. Here's an in-depth look at our enlightening conversation, where we explored everything from Shopify and Web3 technologies to marketing strategies and personal development in the digital world.

From Shopify to Web3: The Future of E-commerce

The intersection of e-commerce and Web3 technologies presents a realm of exciting possibilities. Our guest, with his extensive experience in Shopify and e-commerce, is witnessing rapid evolution in this space due to the widespread use of General Purpose Deep learning (GPD).

Today, autonomous agents and technologies are emerging that would have been hard to conceive just a few months ago. However, our guest believes that despite the dynamic changes, the principles that governed Web2 remain relevant in the Web3 realm.

Indeed, the Web3 world is not an entirely new playing field but a natural progression of the digital realm. Despite changes in terminologies and design aesthetics, the core of marketing remains the same—understanding and influencing human behavior.

Marketing Fundamentals: Web1, Web2, and Web3

One of the primary takeaways from our conversation is that the fundamental aspects of marketing remain critical across different stages of the web's evolution. Web3 companies may be at the forefront of technology, but they still need to employ Web2 strategies for optimal reach and audience scaling.

Young marketers are often entranced by the allure of building communities—a crucial aspect of Web3 marketing. While community-building has its merits, it's important not to overlook the basics. No matter which stage of the web you're working with, you need capital, outreach strategies like backlinks, podcasts, and YouTube channels. After all, marketing ultimately comes down to offering products or services people want or need, and ensuring they can find them easily.

Staying Up-to-Date in a Fast-Paced Digital World

When asked about personal development and staying abreast with rapid changes, our guest shared an unexpected approach: instead of incessantly consuming new content, he revisits a select few resources, which frees up time for him to learn and stay updated. GitHub, he shares, has been an invaluable tool to keep an eye on what's trending and what's on the technology horizon.

In the world of social media, LinkedIn takes precedence for our guest, primarily due to its automation possibilities and its less captivating (read: distracting) feed. LinkedIn serves as a practical tool for networking without falling into the addictive scrolling trap that other platforms often trigger.

Today's Work and Tomorrow's Aspirations

Our guest currently lends his expertise to a few companies, helping them with marketing initiatives and strategies. Yet, he also continues to enjoy building and creating, an aspect he found he missed when he was working with drop shipping stores.

The passion for engineering and building is evident as he delves into the "Indie Hackers" game, building niche solutions without necessarily aspiring to take over the world. It's about finding satisfaction in creating something useful while ensuring his clients are happy and their businesses are growing.

The One Piece of Advice for Aspiring Web3 Entrepreneurs

Velocity is the name of the game, according to our guest. The speed of creation, testing, and getting feedback can be the determining factor between success and failure. It's easy to get caught in the pursuit of perfection, especially when starting out. Yet, reality shows that what you predict will succeed may fail, and vice versa. The best approach is to start building, creating, and putting oneself out there for feedback and learning.

Connecting the Dots

LinkedIn is the go-to platform to connect with our guest, who also has his own podcast and a book on Amazon. In an era where shiny new objects like the latest social media feature can easily divert our attention, it's essential to remember the core principles and stay focused.

Ultimately, the journey from Web2 to Web3 is not a drastic leap into the unknown but a natural progression. While we adapt to new terminologies, dark mode designs, and trendy buzzwords, the fundamental rules of marketing remain—understanding human behavior and learning to influence it positively.

Whether you're an aspiring Web3 entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape, this podcast episode offers valuable insights and advice to help you bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies and succeed in your endeavors.

Yaron Been on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast

Yaron Been 


[01:27] Could you briefly describe your journey from e-commerce entrepreneur to launching the NFT lending protocol and the inspiration behind this transition, Yaron? 

[04:16] Could you share the story of how you encountered obstacles and faced unexpected challenges while starting your venture?  

[08:30] Is this similar to using Macros in Excel, and is the software something that needs to be installed on a computer, or is it cloud-based? 

[11:08] Considering the timing challenges you faced before, how do you perceive the current timing? Do you think it's more favorable now? Would your decision be different if you were making it today? 

[12:10] Given your background in Shopify and e-commerce, and now your involvement in Web3, how do you perceive the convergence of these fields? Could you comment on the evolving intersection between e-commerce and blockchain technologies? 

[15:19] How do you stay updated with the rapid developments in the industry, and how do you approach the challenge of implementing these evolving technologies? 

[17:48] Do you also use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect and stay informed, similar to how I do? 

[19:25] Are there any exciting projects or initiatives you're currently involved in that you'd like to share? 

[20:24] a If you were to give one piece of advice to those entering the Web3 space, aiming to establish a business or be active, what would it be? 

[21:50] If people wish to connect with you, is LinkedIn the preferred platform, or would you direct them to another channel? 


"The progression from Web 2 to Web 3 isn't about a total overhaul; it's about understanding that the principles that governed the previous era still hold significant value." - Yaron Been 

"Even in the world of Web 3, with its communities and DAOs, we must remember the basics: capital, backlinks, podcasting, YouTube channels – the marketing game is essentially the same." - Yaron Been 

"Personal development in a rapidly evolving world is not about consuming new content incessantly, but revisiting valuable resources and making time to stay updated." - Yaron Been 

"Velocity is the name of the game. The quicker you create, test, and get feedback, the better positioned you are for success." - Yaron Been 

"Don't get distracted by the latest social media shiny object. Remember your core principles and keep your focus – that's how you'll succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape." - Yaron Been 






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