Unraveling the Power of AI in Marketing: An Expert Discussion with David White on ChatGPT, Productivity Boosts, and Web3 Mastery | S3 Bonus Episode

Ever wondered what the pervasive impact of AI on marketing really means for businesses? This week, we're graced with the insights of AI marketing connoisseur, David White. Together, we take you through a tunnel-visioned view of the revolutionary large language model, ChatGPT. Despite its prowess, David highlights four key challenges with this model and shares how to harness its power for maximum gain.

In the dynamic world of marketing, speed is king and AI is its queen. As we navigate the labyrinth of AI's role in boosting productivity, we explore its practical application in crafting effective templates and prompts. We share real-life examples of AI tools in action and their best and worst use cases, from making emails clearer to decisions about resources. If you're an AI novice, make sure to tune in for some critical advice.

As we wrap up, we switch gears and look to the future - a future where AI is a business norm. We touch upon the potential societal divide AI could cause and the implications of deep fakes. We underscore the W3X Web3 Mastermind and Yuri Bilast's call to share AI knowledge. So buckle up, subscribe, and join us on this enlightening journey through AI and its marketing implications. You're in for a ride!

The Future of AI in Business: Insights from David White and Joeri Billast

Ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the business world? David and Joeri Billast dove deep into the topic, highlighting the potential, threats, and the future of AI in a recent podcast episode. Here's what they had to say:


The rise of chatbots, smart software, and tools like ChatGPT is altering how businesses operate. But how should companies approach AI? What are the pitfalls, and what's on the horizon? Our podcast guests explored these pressing questions.

The Potential of ChatGPT

David highlighted that tools like ChatGPT are not just about conversing with users but are powerful allies in content creation. Imagine drafting an email, blog post, or social media post with the help of AI. Not only does it save time, but the output can be impressively high-quality.

Joeri Billast is a speaker at the AI/Marketing Sessions

Joeri Billast is a speaker at the AI/Marketing Sessions

Taking the First Step

For newcomers to AI, starting with simple tasks can be the key. Use AI tools to enhance email communications or spruce up social media posts. It's about integrating AI into daily operations and leveraging its strengths.

AI Competitions – The New Norm?

Joeri Billast touched on an innovative approach: pitting AI against top content creators. By running multiple iterations, the end product can be surprisingly better than if done by humans alone. It's a testament to AI's iterative learning and improvement.

The Downside of AI

AI is powerful, but it's not without its flaws. One of the key challenges is the "limited memory" of tools like Chat GPT. They can't remember long conversations, which can affect their efficiency. However, as technology evolves, we can expect these barriers to diminish.

Efficiency Gains and Challenges

One of the most significant benefits of AI is efficiency. Imagine cutting down tasks that took days into mere hours. But with efficiency comes the challenge of reallocating time and resources effectively. The newfound time can be used for more human-centric tasks like relationship-building or strategic thinking.

AI Predictions

David borrowed a compelling prediction from Peter D Amanda: In the near future, companies will either fully embrace AI or risk going out of business. The divide between the early adopters and those who lag could be substantial.

Moreover, with the rise of AI-generated content and deep fakes, there's a potential threat to the trust in online content. In such a world, genuine human-made content might become a gold standard, with users seeking authenticity over AI-generated perfection.


AI is more than just a buzzword; it's the future of business operations. While it offers immense potential to streamline tasks, businesses must be aware of its limitations and potential threats.

David's advice? Embrace AI now. Experiment, learn, and integrate it into business processes. As technology advances, those who leverage AI will be poised for success, while others risk being left behind. 

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David White on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast

David White


[01:04] David, can you share a bit about yourself before we discuss AI marketing? 

[02:35] Can you explain the four key steps for using AI in marketing? 

[10:09] Is speed important in AI? What are your thoughts on its significance? 

[13:46] What, in your opinion, are some of the best and worst use cases for deploying AI? 

[18:17] What are the key threats that businesses should be cautious of when it comes to AI, in your view? 

[25:39] What are your predictions for the future of AI? 

[33:29] Could you share details about the upcoming sessions, including cost and organization? 


"What I did for the landing page, by the way, is just make a competition with chat GPT, with Gary V, Russell Branson, Ryan Deiss and I said to chat GPT make the best landing page." - David White 

"The best way that he can kind of describe how chat GPT [...] experiences and interaction with you is kind of like it's on stage, it's an actor and you're talking to it and it's like oh, what am I supposed to say?" - David White 

"It makes sense. It's just like it's actually more a positive problem to have at that moment, you know, because most business owners businesses. They feel like they don't have enough time." - Joeri Billast 

"Peter Diamandis [...] said in a few short years, there will be two kinds of companies those who fully adopted artificial intelligence and those that went out of business in a few short years." - David White 

"No, for me. I have seen already, you know, evolutions until now. You know, when the internet came, when social media came, it's always good to be early and it seems like in the you know the times that we're living in, that everything is going faster and faster and faster." - Joeri Billast 


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