S1 E43 How to Make an Email Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox – with Roland Pokornyik




Today's guest is Roland Pokornyik.

He is a seasoned email marketer and CEO,Co-founder of Chamaileon.io - an email creation platform for teams. He regularly blogs and speaks about email design and related topics too. He's open to share his entrepreneurial challenges on  bootstrapping a global SaaS product in a very competitive industry and scaling to a team of 20.


[00:42] Who is Roland Pokornyik?

[01:26] How did your entrepreneurial journey start?

[06:24] Can you tell us about the sale cycle?

[10:25] Is there a certain pain that you're solving that makes it different from the competitors?

[16:04] Is it better to have an HTML template or a normal looking template?

[23:30] So how do you see the future of email marketing and your company?

[27:47] How was the best way to connect with you?





LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rolfic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RolFic

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