S1 E25 What is the Power of Social Accountability – with William Glass




Today's guest is William Glass, CEO & Co-Founder of Ostrich and host of the Silicon Alley Podcast. His mission is to improve global financial well-being. Ostrich’s mobile app addresses financial literacy deficits by creating game-like social community and accountability around money. The key is tackling the emotional side of money and creating strong money habits.

Prior to starting Ostrich, William worked at an AI Market research company in New York City. Additionally, William led sales teams at Gartner Research where they worked with the leadership teams of tech startups from pre-revenue to $250M in revenue.


[01:37] What is your business about and how did it all start? 

[03:21] Are you working alone? Or are you working with some other people on the app? How did you build it?   

[06:43] What was the reason to go to the app instead of continuing using Facebook groups? What was the advantage of having an app? 

[08:50] How do people know about your existence?   

[10:38] What are questions or insecurities that people struggle with now? 

[12:00] In your opinion, what would be the biggest money mistake that people can make? 

[13:39] How do you see financial accountability?   

[16:04] What does your app do that makes it easier for people to talk about it? 

[17:30] Do you have accountability partners in the app or are there different people in the same group? How does it work?   

[18:35] What is the type of content that you are posting on TikTok Tok to reach your audience?  

[20:14] When did you start with this app? And when did you develop your company? 

[20:40] What will the next year bring for you? Do you have a vision that you want to go as markets evolve?   

[22:43] What is the best social media channel or the best place to connect with you? 


 "You need to have a good strong financial foundation and time is the biggest asset that you have. I'd say the biggest thing is just not paying attention early enough." 

"You can almost double your chance of achieving your goal by a regular weekly check in and by accountability." 


American Psychology Association 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willyg_iii/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/williampglass3/ 

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