S1 E05 Why You Need to Focus on One Thing to Become an Expert In – with Nura Ali




My guest for this episode is Nura Ali, Chief Marketing Officer at Boat Mobile. She is also the CEO of Bold Branding Group. She talked about her views about marketing.


[00:15] How are you today?

[01:30] What are your passions?

[03:33] Is it a challenge to combine all these things? Are you still able to handle your calendar?

[05:53] Where are you finding all those partners?

[08:35] What have you learned the last few years?

[11:20] Are you also active on other social media platforms for your business?

[16:40] Is there a kind of tool, tactic or campaign that you did, and you want to tell something about?

[25:40] Do you want to say anything to our listeners?

[26:45] How can they connect with you after the podcast?


·        There are solutions to every problem.

·        But, you know, social media plays a huge role.

·        It's like the story of the painter that goes painting in other people's houses, but his own house is not painted, because he doesn't have the time.

·        We need to do it with a plan, and everything should work together.

·        We don't just follow something we create it we customize it based on their client or their project and so forth.


·        LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nuraali

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