Joeri Billast: Fractional CMO, Web3 Marketing Strategist

🚀Joeri Billast - Fractional CMO, AI Trainer and Web3 Marketing Strategist

Joeri Billast, also known as 'The Web3 CMO', is a renowned Web3 strategist, best-selling author, and the founder of Efficado. He specializes in Digital Strategies,  Web3 Marketing and AI, helping B2B businesses like yours stay ahead of the competition and reach new heights. Known for his work as a Fractional CMO in B2B tech and hosting the 'Web3 CMO Stories Podcast', Joeri leverages cutting-edge technologies like AI, NFTs and the Metaverse to engage with customers in new ways, build brand awareness, and expand into new markets.

With his unique expertise and proven approach, Joeri guides organizations in driving substantial impacts in the emerging tech landscape. Unlock the full potential of your business with Joeri's assistance. Contact him today to learn more about how he can help your business grow.

Joeri Billast and Mark Schaefer

Joeri is a European thought leader who helped me connect the dots between community and Web3.

Mark Schaefer
One of the world's leading marketing
futurists and keynote speakers

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Articles around Web3, Blockchain, AI, NFTs, Spatial Computing, AR, VR, XR and the Metaverse. Often linked to our Web3 CMO Stories podcast.

Brainstorm with your peers, discuss the latest marketing trends, share your experiences & troubleshoot together.

Inspiring conversations with marketing leaders and tech entrepreneurs from all over the world. We focus on topics related to Web3, Blockchain, AI, NFTs, AR, VR, XR, Spatial Computing and the Metaverse.

My first book "The 5K Challenge for Solopreneurs" has ranked number one on Amazon for several weeks. Recently I have co-authored "The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever", by Mark Schaefer and Friends and also "The Content Entrepreneur" by Joe Pulizzi and Friends. 

Praise and Testimonials

Sarah Menbari - Tolpina

Sarah Menbari - Tolpina

Sarah Stahl testimonial

Sarah Stahl 

Testimonial by Yvonnie Ametin

Yvonnie Ametin

"Joeri was hired as a fractional CMO to develop a B2B marketing strategy for attracting new leads. He put in place strong foundations across the marketing team. Joeri was a delight to work with and brought a great energy to the team. I would highly recommend him!"

Benny Willen

"Joeri brings his considerable marketing and technology experience to his listeners in this insightful show. He has a knack for asking the right questions and eliciting value from the CMOs he interviews. Listen in to find out what happens where marketing, technology, and societal trends converge."

Dan Nestle

"I had the pleasure of writing a book together with Joeri and we're both members of Mark Schaefer's RISE community. I have learned so much about Web3 since knowing Joeri, from reading his chapter in our book to the knowledge he shares in the community.

Web3 is such a complex but important topic, and I urge anyone wanting to learn more and want to use it in their business to work with Joeri, as he will absolutely blow your away with what he knows on the subject and can help you put it into action."

"Thanks for having me on your excellent show this week"


"One of my favorite interviews. Joeri is a real pro. Super engaging 🔥🔥 Looking forward to the next one 💯"

Crypto megan

"Thanks Joeri. This was one of my best podcast appearances all year."

Edward Sturm

"I've listened to a few of your podcast episodes. They're awesome!"

Vahag Karayan

"I can't believe the amount of value you provide for such a little investment."


"Your podcast was one of the best podcasts that I was a guest on in 2022."


"I watched it, man! You're so damn is amazing. I see this podcast going places soon."

Cyrus Nambaksh

"I won 12 clients in only two months thanks to Joeri and his team. Highly recommended."


"Joeri is a genius when it comes to social media marketing. His book is absolutely a must-read."


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Web3 CMO Stories podcast with Joeri Billast - Efficado

Web3 CMO Stories podcast with Joeri Billast - Efficado

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Inspiring conversations with marketing leaders and tech entrepreneurs from all over the world. We focus on topics related to Web3, AI, NFTs and the Metaverse.